Canisa de Ciobanesc Belgian Malinois

Catei Malinois cuibul litera N1: Tata: Arrack’s Home B-Takoda & Mama: Holy Gladium Spiritus

In data de 29,10,2016, in  a avut loc monta  dintre Arrack’s Home B-Takoda si Holy Gladium Spiritus. In genealogia cateilor se regasesc nume importante in istoria Malinois-ului : Stoned van de Duvetorre,  Klem vom Roten Falken

Aceasta cuib combina liniile de succes ale ultimilor ani din IPO, Ring francez si KNPV.

In 29.12.2016, s-au nascut 9 catei mari, frumosi si sanatosi, 5 masculi si 4 femele, cu greutati intre 520gr si 615gr!

Arrack’s Home b-Takoda, tatal cateilor:

Frits vom Brunsbeker Land, bunicul cateilor:

Top Gun des Plaines de Thierache, strabunicul cateilor:

Arrack’s Home Kamatz, strabunicul cateilor:

Arrack’s Home Darwin, strabunicul cateilor:


Klemm vom Roten Falken, strabunicul cateilor:


Pedigree-ul cateilor :

Arrack's Home b-Takoda
Caspar vom Further Moor
Aimy vom Brunsbeker Land
H'Ella de la Cité des Foucault
D'Ginfizz du Musher
Arrack's Home Darwin
Firefox Ebony

SB 2531703

Fiona of Braveheart Oradinum
Arrack's Home Kamatz

 Din acest cuib sunt disponibili 2 masculi si 2 femele in acest moment.

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  • Jacqueline Zajac February 1st, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Hello, my name is Jacqueline. I’m from Germany and I am very interested in a male puppy.

    I want to do IPO sports. My boyfriend Jesse Mayer and I live together with a 4 year old Malinois female and a 10 year old Papillon, we do both IPO sports for almost 10 years and now I’m looking for a new puppy. I always wanted a very dark one, and now I’ve totally fallen in love with your puppies, also because of the pedigree.
    Is there still one available?


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